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Mickey Mouse Hat Door Dec’s

Heyo! Take a minute to check out the newest door Dec’s I put up! They are Mickey mouse hats, because who doesn’t love Disney?!? I know I do! Comment with your favorite Disney/animated character and maybe you’ll see those as the next door Dec’s!

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Dance Marathon

Dance Marathon was yesterday and it was such an amazing experience! Thank you to everyone who came out and supported. We ended up raising just over $25,000 for the Children’s Miracle Network of Milwaukee.

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Ice skating!

Yesterday Bailey and I joined some friends at the indoor “ice” rink set up in the PSC! It definitely was nothing like real ice skating but it was fun to walk over there and spend some time making SpongeBob references and eating ice cream!

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4west had an amazing time a Damyn’s trivia night! We had the most points, but wagered to much on the final question and ended up losing! All in all it was so much fun and we learned that Donald Trump’s is 71!!

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Everyone loves their winter break, but not everyone loves coming back to school. Here are some of my best tips on how to get back into the school routine! Specifically get to bed a little earlier, take a couple deep breaths, or talk to your RA! I’m always here to help! I hope you all have an amazing semester!!

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Book Club

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Book Club met for the last time of the semester today! We discussed the first 70 pages of our book, and were assigned to read the rest of the book over winter break. I am so excited to continue reading this book and looking forward to more amazing discussions next semester.