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There is a new bulletin board up in the wing and it is all about reflections. In Mulan, she questions her reflection in the water, trying to understand why who she is, is not who others expect her to be. In today’s culture, society put pressure on us to live up to others expectations. This can be seen most predominately in society’s view of the perfect body image. This bulletin board gives a few statistics related to body image of men, women, and both, while also showing the results of an experiment preformed by Fractl. This experiment shows images of women and men in the societal ideal body image of different countries. These images show differences not only in body size but in shapes of facial features, color of hair and skin, and most intriguingly the apparel they are barely wearing. My goal with this board is for when you see your reflection and compare it to what you think you should be that you hesitate even for a second and think maybe just maybe your reflection is showing you who you are. And that is a great thing.


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