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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata…what a wonderful phrase! School can be very stressful, so use these five tips to live a happier, stress free life.

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UW-Platteville Vans

Door decorations are up! I hope you all enjoy these UW- Platteville vans with your names on them. I hope these cheerful colors brighten your day everytime you see them!

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Located right across from the large calendar I have posted tons of resources, and will continue to add to this wall throughout the year. This wall has resources including but not limited to  the Doyle center, academic support programs, parking lot locations, academic and career advising center, and grants!

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If you are ever looking for something to do around campus be sure to stop by the calendar! It’s large and hard to miss right when you exit the center stair well or elevator bay. I will keep it updated with tons of stuff going on around campus and the Platteville area.

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Digital footprint

How often do you think about your digital footprint?

It is important to remember that so many people can see your social media pages. In college this especially comes into play when we are searching for jobs. Futer employers can easily see what you have posted online. With this in mind I challenge all of you to look over your social media pages and think about what they say about you.

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College is in-tents

College can be pretty intense, don’t let your self get lost. I hope that this board is a resource for new students to find some of the big spots on campus. If you are a returning student this board can still be very helpful, because it has the hours for these places. Use this as a resource to find library hours, PAC hours, and dining halls hours.

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Where’s Wally…

Did you know Waldo’s original name is Wally and that is what mist countries kbow him as.In America his name is Waldo because publishers thought it would be more appealing. Over the next few weeks Waldo will be hidden around 4th floor only. The Waldo you are looking for is laminated and currently can be found by somewhere where there are too many Waldos.

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Survey Says

The wing bulletin board is themed off of Family Feud.It has 10 questions pertaining to life on campus. If you are curious as to how this ties with Family Feud, use the sheets provided to write your answers down as you answer the questions.Then as you finish flip the question for the possible answers and how many points they are worth. If your points add up to 250 or higher you have WON!!! I have prizes available for those who show me their sheet.

If you are wondering how I got those answers and the points, they come from a survey I sent out at the beginning of the semster and are based on how many times the same answer was provided.