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Where’s Wally…

Did you know Waldo’s original name is Wally and that is what mist countries kbow him as.In America his name is Waldo because publishers thought it would be more appealing. Over the next few weeks Waldo will be hidden around 4th floor only. The Waldo you are looking for is laminated and currently can be found by somewhere where there are too many Waldos.

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The Riddler’s Prize

I have devised a set of riddles, with new ones coming out each week until spring break. If at the end of April break you can tell me what the last page says/the answer to the last riddle, you will win a prize.

Let the riddles begin:

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?


If you need a hint, never be too afraid of asking for one.

The following rules will be in place unless otherwise noted:

no capital letters

no numerical symbols

no special charaters

no beginning articles ie… the ___, a ___

there may be more than one word ie. a phrase, as the answer


Happy Solving

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Let the Games Begin

This semester the wing will be all about game shows. And just to make this a little more fun, I will give you a clue as to what one of the game shows I will be using is. All you have to do is click on this link HERE. Any and All college students are welcome to do this. I hope you got some time to relax over break because this semester is going to be full of fun and prizes….. Are You Up For The Challenge?

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Halloween Bash

This Halloween Southwest Hall brought back the Haunted maze and added a few more fun treats. Besides the scary, haunted maze, there was a lazer maze that tested your body and mind, chemical punch to cool you down, lots of snacks, coloring for some therapy, and a movie. Does that seem like a lot? Well it was, but it was so much fun. And if you missed out on the terrifying maze but would like to try it, make sure to come to suite forum tonight.

Happy Halloween