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Persistent Pioneer 2

This is the 2nd contract of three that I completed this semester in order to allow better opportunities for residents when it cam to academic learning and show them how much retention really means to the campus. This contract included writing a paper on retention, having a academic themed program, and learning more about resources offered on campus. I am still not an expert but I can help you find a place on campus to receive guidance from in any type of direction.

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Persistent Pioneer 1

This semester I did more program with an academic and retention focus. This included attending SAS presentations and creating an initiative for the wing. These collective efforts were all part of a bigger plan called Persistent Pioneer. The point of this contract and these programs were to help students be more readily engaged in positive learning processes.

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Ice Cream Compost Buckets

Every suite either has or will be given a gallon ice cream bucket personalized individually that can be used to hold items for compost so that you can take it all out with the trash. Not only will these give more convenience, but they are recycling themselves, or rather upcycling

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If you haven’t already, checkout the 2 envelopes on the wall across from suite 413. They are full of coupons for the Dubuque and Platteville areas. Make sure to check what type of coupon it is because most manufacturer’s coupons are going to be for either Walmart or Hy-vee. If you have any coupons or deals you would like to share/ donate just put them in the envelopes. Please make sure you are only taking what you will use so that everyone may benefit from the savings.

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Making a Difference 3

By attending Stop the Hate, CI meetings, making bulletin boards, and so much more, I was able to complete my last Making a Difference contract. The idea behind these contracts is to make sure diversity and inclusion are ever present on the wing, in the Residence halls, and most importantly on the UW-Platteville campus. Thank you for attending programs and making this happen.