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Some of 4 West’s residents and myself went over to Playfair last night at the softball field! We had so much fun getting to run around and meet tons of people. If you have never been to Playfair, it is a once in a life time experience! You get to run around the softball field and do a ton of exciting icebreakers. It was awesome to see that so many people share common interests, specifically Cody and myself both love the show “The Big Bang Theory”.

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Emily (from 3rd floor) and I teamed up with CPR to bring puppies to campus for a stress reliever and a pick me up. It was an awesome experience to work with such and amazing group on campus. Now as the event has taken place we have a little more knowledge on how to do something like this strictly for Southwest, so next time we hope to bring in animals from different shelters in order to really engage residents in the community of Platteville.

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Cadaver Lab

On Sunday we went for a tour of the cadaver lab on campus. It was very important that people knew what they were getting into before going as it can be hard to take. While many people do not understand the reasoning behind having a lab such as this, I think it is important to point out that may jobs people will receive from the CJ, FI, Bio, and Chem degrees will have to do with seeing a cadaver at least once. We were walked through some of the parts of the body and shown how to tell the differences between male and female. If this is something you would like to do please let me know and I will put you into contact with the professor in charge.

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Hall Initiative

You may have noticed the signs around the building talking of a raffle to be held the Thursday before commencement. Well that is what I am talking about now. For every A or B you receive on a test quiz or exam*, your name will be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes. You work so hard through out the semester and I really want to make sure you receive some type of acknowledgement for that. The entries are located behind the front desk so please just stop by the front desk to fill out your entry. Good Luck and keep up the good work.


*must be able to show proof of grade at time of entry

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Your Reward

On the wing this semester I created an academic initiative that involved different rewards for different grades on quizzes, exams, and finals. The whole point of this was to reward residents for their hard work, as well as to give them an incentive to do well in class. I thought including quizzes was important because even if you an average student, the chances of you receiving a B or higher on a quiz are still really high. I hope that by doing this, residents were not only able to gain a material item, but realized that there are plenty of resources out there for them to use and that people notice when you do well.

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Persistent Pioneer 2

This is the 2nd contract of three that I completed this semester in order to allow better opportunities for residents when it cam to academic learning and show them how much retention really means to the campus. This contract included writing a paper on retention, having a academic themed program, and learning more about resources offered on campus. I am still not an expert but I can help you find a place on campus to receive guidance from in any type of direction.

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Persistent Pioneer 1

This semester I did more program with an academic and retention focus. This included attending SAS presentations and creating an initiative for the wing. These collective efforts were all part of a bigger plan called Persistent Pioneer. The point of this contract and these programs were to help students be more readily engaged in positive learning processes.

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Circle Smackdown

On Saturday we played volleyball with Ava Phipps(CJ professor) and Zehra Muslu (math professor). Southwest teams took 2nd and 4th, with the 2nd place team winning $30 to Jimmy Johns. This was such a blast as the weather was beautiful and the competition was fierce. Getting to relax and enjoy an activity with a professor really helps students connect with them. Even if you didn’t come join in the fun, ¬†encourage you to meet with professors outside of the classroom/advising setting, because the college experience increases so much more when you are fully able to remain professional in a relaxed setting and when you make those connections that will be able to be used in the near future.

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Walmart Game

What is the Walmart game you might ask. Well the Walmart game is an activity where players line up in two rows and go head to head in a verbal match up against the other team. When given the prompt “name something you can buy in Walmart that starts with the letter…” the first person to answer with a logical answer that starts with letter the announcer chooses, wins that round. This continues until only one team is left. If this sounds like fun and you missed the chance today to play and get moving, feel free to introduce this activity to any group meeting that you may have in the future. Happy playing.

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Hunt Help

the Jaycees of Platteville held their annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday. This year Southwest residents donated bags of candy to help fill the eggs that would be hidden for children of Platteville to hunt. By donating 7 bags of candy, we were able to help fill that many more eggs for the egg hunt. I thank you for that. The goal with this was to show that the college of Platteville does not need to be solely involved with themselves, but should also be involved in the community we are a part of. If you would like to see pictures, donate to the Jaycees group, or just learn more information, click on the link here.