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Yell like Hell!!

Pete and myself had such a good time at yell like hell. Congrats Platteville boys soccer on the WIN!

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Reverse Tug a War!

Southwest Hall participated in reverse tug a war tonight! All of us had so much fun, cheering for or participating in the event! We ended up winning 2 and losing 2. I highly encourage you all to consider participating in this event next year! It is quite a work out, but worth every second.

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National Coming Out Day

October 11, 2017 was national coming out day! I encourage all of you to read over some of these myths. If you feel like these are thoughts that have crossed your mind, I encourage you to read the corresponding colored card.

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Sneak preview of Southwest Hall’s homecoming banner! Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that helped make this banner amazing!! I am so proud of the way it turned out, and can’t wait to show it off during the banner ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 in the student center!

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Last night we played a roaring game of spoons! Cody won the first game and Tanner won the second game! The packer game was on to watch and everyone had such a good time. We enjoyed some candy and most importantly laughed a lot! Playing spoons with good people is a great way to destress at the end of the week! Now who is ready for the weekend?!

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A bunch of UW-Platteville students, including lots of fourth floor residents went to the Kalahari! CPR took a school bus full of almost 100 people down, and we had so much fun!! We climbed tons of stairs to get to the top of the slides (what a work out!!) and ride them over and over again!