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Rountree’s FNC

Rountree hosted an awesome FNC yesterday! We got to go through a “laser” maze, and although I made it through if they were real lasers I definitely would not have! We also got to have hotdogs and chips and played Apples to Apples! What a fun time to hang out together!

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Flower door decs!

If April showers bring May flowers what does April snow bring? I hope it’s still flowers! I know when it’s the middle of April and snow is still falling it can be really hard to think about spring, but it’s coming any day now!! Hopefully these flowers will help you think about the glorious weather that spring brings and not the snow we keep getting!

Happy studying!

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This picture doesn’t do this program justice!!! What an awesome event put on by our SA Taylor. There was a make your own trail mix station, and if you didn’t know trail mix is the perfect brain food to get you to be number 1 on fortnite babbbbyyyy!!!! There was also a variety of soda pops to keep your energy going, and most importantly there was tons of fortnite stations. There were PC, Xbox, and PlayStations available so you could choose your favorite council! Be on the lookout cause this program may be around again, and it was pretty great!!

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PJ’s stands for pancakes and jammies! The perfect combination. This event was put on by 4east and 4west as a way to get the residents to mingle not just on the wing but throughout the floor as a whole! We had so much fun listening to Erik’s music and munching on some pancakes with tons of different toppings, including chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, Carmel, whip cream, cherries, and classic maple syrup

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This year has flown by

This semester has really flown by!! As you walk the halls during finals week you will see some of our many amazing memories we’ve made this semester. I can’t wait to make more with you next semester!

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Pie an RA

So happy with the turn out we had for pie an RA !! Collectively we raised $165 dollars to donate! Karim got the highest bid, with $40 and got to pie me in the face- here is what it looked like!