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Taste the World!

Taste of the world was an FNC hosted by southwest and melcher in Dobson’s basement! All the different rooms were set up as a different continent, and you got to try a small taste of food from each of the different ones. There was all fun facts and trivia at the end with some pretty cool prizes! Keeps your eyes posted for next year cause this awesome event will definitely be happening again!!(:

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Diversity statistics at UW-PLATTEVILLE

This board is meant to display the different diversity groups at UW-Platteville! I hope that this will be new and interesting statistics for the you!!

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Erase the stigma

Erase the stigma associated with mental health. This bulletin board provides you with some myths and facts associated to mental health. It also shows you some celebraties that you may not have known are struggling with their mental health. You are not alone!

If you need anything, please feel free to reach out to counseling services or myself.

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National Coming Out Day

October 11, 2017 was national coming out day! I encourage all of you to read over some of these myths. If you feel like these are thoughts that have crossed your mind, I encourage you to read the corresponding colored card.

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Learning Styles

Before spring break, we went to an SAS presentation on how to determine your learning styles. It wasn’t just your typical auditory, kinesthetic and visual, types of learning styles though. This involved taking a 45 question survey and classified major, minor, and obligatory learning styles. What was really interesting was that it is more common to have multiple major learning styles than it was to have only one. It also makes sense that people would have more than one major, because, well, lets face it, people are complex. If this sounds interesting to you, or you what to learn more tips for succeeding in college, make sure to stop by an SAS presentation(event dates and times can be found on UW-Platt’s website).

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Tea Pouring

During relaxed quite hours on Wednesday I had a tea pouring demonstration (with the choice of hot chocolate or tea) to show my residents a little more about Chinese culture and to give them the opportunity and means for a break from studying. There was soft Chinese music playing and an overall peaceful atmosphere to help residents stay focus while taking their break.

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Making a Difference 3

By attending Stop the Hate, CI meetings, making bulletin boards, and so much more, I was able to complete my last Making a Difference contract. The idea behind these contracts is to make sure diversity and inclusion are ever present on the wing, in the Residence halls, and most importantly on the UW-Platteville campus. Thank you for attending programs and making this happen.

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Winter Holidays

There is finally a new bulletin board up on the elevator bay that discusses 6 different holidays that are between the months of Nov. and Jan. These holidays are not just holidays in America though, they are holidays celebrated in different parts of the world. The point of this bulletin board is to spark a little interest in the way the world works outside of the US, as sometimes we assume our traditions and beliefs are the same as the rest of the world. This bulletin board gives a little insight into the culture that has to do with winter and it’s holidays

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Hmong Thanksgiving

on Friday the 18th a group of people from Southwest gathered and went to Hmong Thanksgiving. Besides getting to spend the evening together trying different types of food found traditionally in Hmong culture, we were able to experience a little bit of the culture too. Between the traditional dances of the Hmong people, to a fashion show including ancient and modern Hmong ware, to the raffle of traditional items, there was never any doubt the night would be full of adventure and culture. While Hmong Thanksgiving only happens once a year, there are many more events that are still to come that show culture in such an appealing way.

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Stop the Hate

On Wednesday 2 of us went to a Stop the Hate presentation on Hate and Bias symbols, groups, and music. There we discussed the importance of being inclusive, what certain hate groups stand for, and the type of music that is considered hate music. We also talked about how some symbols that once stood for something positive when slightly altered can mean something very demeaning or degrading. It is important to be aware of these things so that we can make a difference and try to keep UW-Platteville a safe community. This website below gives great resources and explains the program more in depth.

Stop the Hate