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Emily (from 3rd floor) and I teamed up with CPR to bring puppies to campus for a stress reliever and a pick me up. It was an awesome experience to work with such and amazing group on campus. Now as the event has taken place we have a little more knowledge on how to do something like this strictly for Southwest, so next time we hope to bring in animals from different shelters in order to really engage residents in the community of Platteville.

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Your Reward

On the wing this semester I created an academic initiative that involved different rewards for different grades on quizzes, exams, and finals. The whole point of this was to reward residents for their hard work, as well as to give them an incentive to do well in class. I thought including quizzes was important because even if you an average student, the chances of you receiving a B or higher on a quiz are still really high. I hope that by doing this, residents were not only able to gain a material item, but realized that there are plenty of resources out there for them to use and that people notice when you do well.

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Make Your Own

Last Wednesday was the night for crafts when 4 west took over the hallway and made personalized door decs. While making them regularly may be my job, I usually don’t get to be as creative making 50 as you can be making one. It was amazing to see what was made (pictures to follow) and how creative the 4 west community is. If crafts are your thing, keep an eye out for more events coming your way.

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We made ornaments and wreaths out of yarn, and other ornaments out of paper mache (which ever was preferred). These are great little presents you can give to your family or in the case of a few, we will be going next week to give them to their favorite professor, just to say thank you.

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De-stress Presents

For finals this year, I have given everyone de-stress presents as door decs. What are these presents you ask? Behind the ribbon and wrapping paper lies a coloring page from a Japanese garden adult coloring book, and a piece of bubble wrap. Though the bubble wrap is small, is it ever truly large enough? I hope these items give you a little relief this coming finals week.

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Paint and Punch

One of the Friday FNC’s this year was a paint and punch event where the Wilgus staff had three ready made designs for people to copy onto canvas, coloring for those that did not want to paint, and of course refreshments for those who wanted them. While the staff was nice enough to provided some designs for people to work with, it was just as acceptable to take a canvas and paint whatever you like. The best part was not only the freedom that comes with painting, but being able to do it with others you know around you. While many started with one of the three designs no canvas looked the same as another in the room. If any more of you would like to paint a canvas or those that did would like to again, please come find me as I think I have a few items that will do the trick.

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Cake Walk Bake Off

Thank you to those that came over Monday and Tuesday to help make items for Cake Walk. There is so much that was done that couldn’t have been without your help. I really hope that for those that didn’t help bake, that you went and experienced Cake Walk itself, because that is not an event to miss. The best part is that all the proceeds go to Family Advocates (more info to come), a local charity that helps people dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence.

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Tea Time Tuesdays

As the RA on this wing I am here to be a resource so every other Tuesday. I will make sure to be in my suite common area, door open and water at the ready for tea or hot chocolate. This is a specific time designated to you. If you need someone to vent to, need advice, just want to talk, or really need to get something off of your chest, please feel free to stop by. If you would like to keep things private still stop by as this is time for you. If you feel uncomfortable with the thought that someone might walk by, I will gladly shut the door as well. As the first night has passed I can say it was very enjoyable to talk to those that stopped by and seemed like a success, if only because it was when many of you dropped paperwork off to me. If this time continues to be effective I will then proceed to doing it every week.

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Take What You Need

Hey everyone, I just wanted to let you know about the new “posters” by each of your doors. I have made these inspirational posters so if you are having a rough day, you can grab a word from the bottom and take that feeling with you throughout your day. Whether you need hope, acceptance, confidence, or strength, they are available to you. I hope that this can relieve some of the stress that generally comes with this time of year.


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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

Hey everyone, I just wanted to draw your attention to the new door decs that have found their way to your doors. They are all clouds that have each been made out of 10 circles but each one is unique. This serves to remind you all that although we may all share similar experiences, we are all unique individuals. They also all have a silver lining on the outside, this is to remind you all that even the clouds in our lives have silver linings; meaning that even our bad experiences have some good that comes along with them.