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I speak for the trees…

Spring is finally here! I encourage all of you to get out and enjoy the weather 😊 let me know if you want to go for a walk or if you want to play catch or something, I am ready to to get out side and enjoy it!! With this amazing weather, I want you to stop and think about how what we do impacts the world around us. On this board you can see 6 simple tips on how to help the environment. Take a second and read them, and think about what the trees would say! 🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳🐝🌳

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Self love

Remember to love yourself this Valentine’s season! Stop by and read some encouraging thoughts and tips on how to love yourself

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Bat Door Dec’s

Bat door decorations with five different fun facts dispersed throughout the hall! Check out other doors so you can see them all. I encourage you to also read these and recognize how awesome bats are!! The bat population is dropping at a dramatic rate and I encourage you to use your new excitement about bats to search white nose syndrome!!

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Life Hacks

What you didn’t know you didn’t know was what we brought to you. From how to iron without using an iron and recipes for cooking in a mug to bullet-journaling and how to save a textbook, there were a number of skills and hacks presented for the benefit of everyone. There were also numerous ways to reuse what you have just hanging around: using can tabs to extend your closet, using hangers to keep holiday lights from tangling and even how to use a fork to help with hanging up different items. Today, it seems fewer and fewer of us now the basic traditional skills that was once common knowledge and are looking for simple cheap alternatives to common household products. To learn some of these skills and hacks look online or ask an elder because what seems like unimportant knowledge now, just may come in handy in the future.

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Ice Cream Compost Buckets

Every suite either has or will be given a gallon ice cream bucket personalized individually that can be used to hold items for compost so that you can take it all out with the trash. Not only will these give more convenience, but they are recycling themselves, or rather upcycling

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Travel Mugs

On the wing you will see travel mugs made with fun paper and different, real, paper sleeves that can be found in most places that sells hot beverages. It only took a semester and a summer, but I eventually collected 17 different types/printed coffee sleeves. The great thing about these sleeves is that they are made from recycled material. Even better is that they can be recycled. The best part is that the whole door dec can be recycled!!!!!!!! So whenever you decide to take your door dec down please make sure to recycle it. Along with the door decs came facts about tea and coffee: how it was discovered, where in the world its most popular, songs dedicated to one or the other, etc.. I am challenging you to go and find all the different facts, especially that special fact that ties in very well with the Mulan wing theme. Think about it.

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Recyclemania Waste Audit

Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know about the building waste audit that happened tonight. Some students from the Sustainability office came to Southwest. We went through two recycling bags and found that 16.7% of the contents of those bags were actually trash. We also went through 3 trash bags and found that 25% of the contents of those bags were actually recyclable. The students informed us that compared to the other buildings that they have audited,Β Southwest is doing pretty well, but there is always room for improvement.

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Paper Drive

I would like to extend a huge Thanks to any of you that contributed to the SWH collection for the paper drive. We collected over 120 pounds of paper and brought it to the PSC for the contest this week. πŸ™‚

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Recycling Pledge

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to the RecycleMania pledge that is available online right now. I encourage all of you to sign it to show your commitment to recycle more this semester. You can find the pledge at:Β

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Composting ProgramΒ 

 Hey all, I just wanted to let you all know about the composting program that has come to Southwest Hall for this semester. There are 2 green composting buckets in the kitchen on the 1st floor. Many different items are compostable including fruits, vegetables, meat, and paper products. I encourage you all to participate in this pilot program this semester. Composting is so much better for our environment than disposing of things in a landfill.