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Faculty Art Exhibit

Yesterday we went to the faculty art show! It was so awesome to go and see all of the art teachers talents show cased in one place. This is part of a piece of a showcase by my professor, and I love peaches so I loved this piece. It was also cool to be able to talk to the artists as we are looking at their work!

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A night with Bob x2!

Thank you so much Richard for coming out and working with us as we followed along to a Bob Ross painting video! Everyone’s paintings turned out great!(:

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Circle Smackdown

On Saturday we played volleyball with Ava Phipps(CJ professor) and Zehra Muslu (math professor). Southwest teams took 2nd and 4th, with the 2nd place team winning $30 to Jimmy Johns. This was such a blast as the weather was beautiful and the competition was fierce. Getting to relax and enjoy an activity with a professor really helps students connect with them. Even if you didn’t come join in the fun,  encourage you to meet with professors outside of the classroom/advising setting, because the college experience increases so much more when you are fully able to remain professional in a relaxed setting and when you make those connections that will be able to be used in the near future.

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Gift of Giving

After making ornaments last week a few of us went to give our creations to our professors as a thank you  for all of the support they have given us. Not only do these professors teach, they go out of their way to truly make sure we succeed. When I was little, giving gifts to the teachers was important, tradition, and a sign of respect. My goal this year was to bring back that tradition because a little appreciation goes a long way.

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Mocktails and Mosaics

Hey all, I just wanted to thank those of you who came to the Mocktails and Mosaics program in the Southwest Hall MPR tonight. Professor Carole Spelic from the Art Department came to Southwest and taught us all how to make mosaic tile coasters. Unfortunately, because of the cost of products, we had to limit the participation to 24 people. We will try to bring this program or a similar program back next year, so keep a look out for sign up then if you missed out this year.


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Dans Une Cachette Rouge

Hello everyone, I just wanted to remind all of you about a great opportunity to learn a bit about Early American History. Dr. Eugene Tesdahl will be giving a lecture about female smugglers in Early America from 1701 to 1754. This lecture is tonight from 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm in 136 Dounda Hall (this is the new lecture hall) and I hope to see you all there.