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Hungry hungry hippo

Eating right at school can be one of the hardest things to do. Check out this bulletin board to help you stay healthy while still satisfying your hunger!

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Walmart Game

What is the Walmart game you might ask. Well the Walmart game is an activity where players line up in two rows and go head to head in a verbal match up against the other team. When given the prompt “name something you can buy in Walmart that starts with the letter…” the first person to answer with a logical answer that starts with letter the announcer chooses, wins that round. This continues until only one team is left. If this sounds like fun and you missed the chance today to play and get moving, feel free to introduce this activity to any group meeting that you may have in the future. Happy playing.

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Free Food….

April is National Nutrition Month so to celebrate, Free Food with the dietitian was an event held on campus to provide information on how to eat healthy while living on campus. Chef Steve prepared an amazing dinner from things that can be found on campus and then  Stephanie Young talked about how Platteville was ensuring that everyone gets the choice to eat healthy on campus, and how to do that.

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Ping Pong

On Sunday we played ping pong on the table in the 4th floor lounge. This was made possible by putting up a retractable ping pong net on the table. Whats great about this game is how innocent it starts and how competitive it ends. Plus with all the moving around (mostly chasing missed balls) you get a lot of walking, stretching, and bending done. If you missed this event, but are still interested in playing, please let me know as I would love to get a game of around the world or even extreme pong going.

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There is a new bulletin board up in the wing and it is all about reflections. In Mulan, she questions her reflection in the water, trying to understand why who she is, is not who others expect her to be. In today’s culture, society put pressure on us to live up to others expectations. This can be seen most predominately in society’s view of the perfect body image. This bulletin board gives a few statistics related to body image of men, women, and both, while also showing the results of an experiment preformed by Fractl. This experiment shows images of women and men in the societal ideal body image of different countries. These images show differences not only in body size but in shapes of facial features, color of hair and skin, and most intriguingly the apparel they are barely wearing. My goal with this board is for when you see your reflection and compare it to what you think you should be that you hesitate even for a second and think maybe just maybe your reflection is showing you who you are. And that is a great thing.

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Masks and Games

What better way to clean off the Halloween makeup of yesterdays… than with a facial. This event included free facials to help everyone feel refreshed after a weekend and night celebrating Halloween. For those that didn’t want a facial, they had no fear for there were board games near. Between playing games and munching on Halloween candy (or apples and pretzels) with facts about how they effect the body, it was a great night to focus on taking care of your body.

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Halloween Bash

This Halloween Southwest Hall brought back the Haunted maze and added a few more fun treats. Besides the scary, haunted maze, there was a lazer maze that tested your body and mind, chemical punch to cool you down, lots of snacks, coloring for some therapy, and a movie. Does that seem like a lot? Well it was, but it was so much fun. And if you missed out on the terrifying maze but would like to try it, make sure to come to suite forum tonight.

Happy Halloween