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We all know that exercise is good for you, but did you realize all the benefits that it has apart from losing weight?! WOW! There are tons of incredible things that exercise can do for you, and I hope that all of these benefits will help you get the motivation you need to hit up the gym or go for a run! Let me know if you need a buddy (cause I always need help finding motivation). Also keep your eyes peeled for a Zumba event in the near future!

You are all incredible!!!!! 💥

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Ice skating!

Yesterday Bailey and I joined some friends at the indoor “ice” rink set up in the PSC! It definitely was nothing like real ice skating but it was fun to walk over there and spend some time making SpongeBob references and eating ice cream!

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Condoms are no trick!

Sexual health is not always everyone’s favorite conversation, but it is so important to know the signs and symptoms of different STD’s. Always remember to follow the three simple tips to stay sexually healthy! 1) use protection 2) get tested 3) get regular exams.

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Reverse Tug a War!

Southwest Hall participated in reverse tug a war tonight! All of us had so much fun, cheering for or participating in the event! We ended up winning 2 and losing 2. I highly encourage you all to consider participating in this event next year! It is quite a work out, but worth every second.

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A bunch of UW-Platteville students, including lots of fourth floor residents went to the Kalahari! CPR took a school bus full of almost 100 people down, and we had so much fun!! We climbed tons of stairs to get to the top of the slides (what a work out!!) and ride them over and over again!

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Walmart Game

What is the Walmart game you might ask. Well the Walmart game is an activity where players line up in two rows and go head to head in a verbal match up against the other team. When given the prompt “name something you can buy in Walmart that starts with the letter…” the first person to answer with a logical answer that starts with letter the announcer chooses, wins that round. This continues until only one team is left. If this sounds like fun and you missed the chance today to play and get moving, feel free to introduce this activity to any group meeting that you may have in the future. Happy playing.

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Free Food….

April is National Nutrition Month so to celebrate, Free Food with the dietitian was an event held on campus to provide information on how to eat healthy while living on campus. Chef Steve prepared an amazing dinner from things that can be found on campus and then  Stephanie Young talked about how Platteville was ensuring that everyone gets the choice to eat healthy on campus, and how to do that.

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Ping Pong

On Sunday we played ping pong on the table in the 4th floor lounge. This was made possible by putting up a retractable ping pong net on the table. Whats great about this game is how innocent it starts and how competitive it ends. Plus with all the moving around (mostly chasing missed balls) you get a lot of walking, stretching, and bending done. If you missed this event, but are still interested in playing, please let me know as I would love to get a game of around the world or even extreme pong going.