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What is 4 west thankful for?

Come check out our wing bulletin board to find out what your fellow wing mates are thankful for, and provide anything you are thankful for! Even though sometimes it can be hard if you step back and think I’m sure you can think of tons of things to be thankful for!

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Pizza with the chancellor 🍕

A huge thank you to the chancellor for coming and speaking with the residents of Southwest hall tonight! There was such a good turnout and everyone asked great questions and kept asking them all night. Getting to know him was such an amazing opportunity.

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Sneak preview of Southwest Hall’s homecoming banner! Thank you so much to all the wonderful people that helped make this banner amazing!! I am so proud of the way it turned out, and can’t wait to show it off during the banner ceremony on Sunday at 3:00 in the student center!

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Some of 4 West’s residents and myself went over to Playfair last night at the softball field! We had so much fun getting to run around and meet tons of people. If you have never been to Playfair, it is a once in a life time experience! You get to run around the softball field and do a ton of exciting icebreakers. It was awesome to see that so many people share common interests, specifically Cody and myself both love the show “The Big Bang Theory”.

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Hall Initiative

You may have noticed the signs around the building talking of a raffle to be held the Thursday before commencement. Well that is what I am talking about now. For every A or B you receive on a test quiz or exam*, your name will be entered into a drawing for a variety of prizes. You work so hard through out the semester and I really want to make sure you receive some type of acknowledgement for that. The entries are located behind the front desk so please just stop by the front desk to fill out your entry. Good Luck and keep up the good work.


*must be able to show proof of grade at time of entry

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Survey Says

The wing bulletin board is themed off of Family Feud.It has 10 questions pertaining to life on campus. If you are curious as to how this ties with Family Feud, use the sheets provided to write your answers down as you answer the questions.Then as you finish flip the question for the possible answers and how many points they are worth. If your points add up to 250 or higher you have WON!!! I have prizes available for those who show me their sheet.

If you are wondering how I got those answers and the points, they come from a survey I sent out at the beginning of the semster and are based on how many times the same answer was provided.

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If you haven’t already, checkout the 2 envelopes on the wall across from suite 413. They are full of coupons for the Dubuque and Platteville areas. Make sure to check what type of coupon it is because most manufacturer’s coupons are going to be for either Walmart or Hy-vee. If you have any coupons or deals you would like to share/ donate just put them in the envelopes. Please make sure you are only taking what you will use so that everyone may benefit from the savings.

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College Hacks

Did you just realize you spent all of your money on Christmas presents or holiday sales? This board gives a few hacks that can help with space saving, making leftovers taste divine, and even a trick to keep people from stealing your pens. So whether you are curious or dubious, this board gives some creative ways to fix problems without breaking the bank.

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$1 Movie Night

On dollar movie night we went to see Edge of Tomorrow. A movie about a 17 year old girl going through the struggles of high school. If sarcastic comedy is your style, this movie would be perfect for you. Even if you don’t remember too well the struggles from high school, many of the issues she faces in this movie still apply to college life, mainly the struggle of growing up.

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Gourd Painting

This  picture shows just a few of the the before and after versions of gourds that were painted. Ranging from a night sky to a lost volleyball, a fall tree to a Star Wars character, these gourds turned out great. This program was a way to celebrate an American tradition, relieve some stress, and make Southwest feel a little more like home. And even though we were supposed to paint pumpkins, using gourds were a good way to talk about healthy eating and different way to get good quality cheap produce.

Also the winners were………………………………………………………………

1st-Anthony Burant w/R2D2

2nd-Andrea Rippley w/fall tree and Charles Nelson w/Wilson