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From one procrastinator to another…

Start your semester out right and stop procrastinating! I hope you can use these tips to help you make this a productive semester.

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Located right across from the large calendar I have posted tons of resources, and will continue to add to this wall throughout the year. This wall has resources including but not limited to  the Doyle center, academic support programs, parking lot locations, academic and career advising center, and grants!

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College is in-tents

College can be pretty intense, don’t let your self get lost. I hope that this board is a resource for new students to find some of the big spots on campus. If you are a returning student this board can still be very helpful, because it has the hours for these places. Use this as a resource to find library hours, PAC hours, and dining halls hours.

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Persistent Pioneer 2

This is the 2nd contract of three that I completed this semester in order to allow better opportunities for residents when it cam to academic learning and show them how much retention really means to the campus. This contract included writing a paper on retention, having a academic themed program, and learning more about resources offered on campus. I am still not an expert but I can help you find a place on campus to receive guidance from in any type of direction.

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Where’s Wally…

Did you know Waldo’s original name is Wally and that is what mist countries kbow him as.In America his name is Waldo because publishers thought it would be more appealing. Over the next few weeks Waldo will be hidden around 4th floor only. The Waldo you are looking for is laminated and currently can be found by somewhere where there are too many Waldos.

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The Riddler’s Prize

I have devised a set of riddles, with new ones coming out each week until spring break. If at the end of April break you can tell me what the last page says/the answer to the last riddle, you will win a prize.

Let the riddles begin:

The more you take, the more you leave behind. What am I?


If you need a hint, never be too afraid of asking for one.

The following rules will be in place unless otherwise noted:

no capital letters

no numerical symbols

no special charaters

no beginning articles ie… the ___, a ___

there may be more than one word ie. a phrase, as the answer


Happy Solving

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Are You Smarter Than…

This board stems from the game show “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?”, But with a little twist. Most of us will have seen at least one episode and noticed that even in high school it was almost impossible to be smarter than a fifth grader. What does that mean for us in college? Well now is your chance to find out. I have taken 5 questions directly from the show, each a different school level, and placed them on the board with the answers under the category. Then if those questions were too easy for you, or you just want to know the answers to the other questions, try your hand at the five college questions, each from different subjects that are common for college students to take. Don’t worry if you don’t know the answers, you are here to learn.

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Discovery Door Decs

You all recieved QR code door decs last week and an email giving you an idea as what to do with them. If you didn’t read the email, well here is one more chance. You have one week from today to tell me in person (while I am not running around preferably so that I do not forget), slip a note under my door, or write a comment on this post telling me where your QR code leads you. If you do that within the week, I will buy you a personal bag of chips/fruitsnacks of your choice. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to possibly learn some things and get free food.

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TRIVIA 4th floor style

So on Wednesday if you didn’t happen to notice Anthony and I sat in the elevator bay of 4th floor and asked people trivia questions while they were waiting for the elevator or when they had just gotten off. It was lots of fun to see how much everyone knew about the hall and their floor more specificallly. If you missed out and didn’t get to recieve one of our great prizes Don’t Worry, this event maybe coming back to an elevator near you.

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Homework in the Hallway

As you saw this past Wednesday, I will being taking a few hours every other Wednesday night from 6:30 to 8:30 to sit in the hallway and do my homework. This will give each of you a time to ask questions, do homework with me, or just say hello. While many of you sent many a quizzical stare or even question my way, that stood to prove it is a good idea. This gave me a chance to see you and for you to see me. And one of you even stopped to do homework for a short amount of time as well! So now when you see me sitting in the hallway maybe, just maybe you will be a little more talkative and a little more open to the wing.