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Pizza and homework

Two of our absolute favorite things!!! Homework and pizza….alright so maybe just pizza, but we did get some work done! What a great time to get to take a break and chit chat with friends but also buckle down and get your homework done! Thanks DJ for putting on this awesome event!

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4west had an amazing time a Damyn’s trivia night! We had the most points, but wagered to much on the final question and ended up losing! All in all it was so much fun and we learned that Donald Trump’s is 71!!

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Everyone loves their winter break, but not everyone loves coming back to school. Here are some of my best tips on how to get back into the school routine! Specifically get to bed a little earlier, take a couple deep breaths, or talk to your RA! I’m always here to help! I hope you all have an amazing semester!!

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Book Club

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Book Club met for the last time of the semester today! We discussed the first 70 pages of our book, and were assigned to read the rest of the book over winter break. I am so excited to continue reading this book and looking forward to more amazing discussions next semester.

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Bake night!

We had a pre-cake walk baking night last night in my suite! I made 2 cakes, a pumpkin pie, a batch of cupcakes, and a pan of brownies! As we baked, I helped people learn how to use their microwaves as ovens! Thank you to everyone who let me use their ovens for baking! See you at cake walk!

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Pop.pop.pop. 🤡

Pop on over to the front lobby and check out our newest bulletin board! This board is just in time for midterms and the information will last you a lifetime. The tips will help you with studying and doing great on your midterms, but will also help you learn how to work at your best and not procrastinate.

Keep up the amazing work this semester!

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Located right across from the large calendar I have posted tons of resources, and will continue to add to this wall throughout the year. This wall has resources including but not limited to  the Doyle center, academic support programs, parking lot locations, academic and career advising center, and grants!

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College is in-tents

College can be pretty intense, don’t let your self get lost. I hope that this board is a resource for new students to find some of the big spots on campus. If you are a returning student this board can still be very helpful, because it has the hours for these places. Use this as a resource to find library hours, PAC hours, and dining halls hours.

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Persistent Pioneer 2

This is the 2nd contract of three that I completed this semester in order to allow better opportunities for residents when it cam to academic learning and show them how much retention really means to the campus. This contract included writing a paper on retention, having a academic themed program, and learning more about resources offered on campus. I am still not an expert but I can help you find a place on campus to receive guidance from in any type of direction.