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Temple Grandin


The distinguished lecturer was really good! She had a lot of incredible things to say. She talked a lot about different learning styles and how we need everyone’s different learning styles to function properly as a society. She also talked about how we need to work more on our practical skills. And we need to work a lot of jobs growing up to work on these practical skills. Another thing that she talked a lot about was finding your place and how you need to look into a lot of different things to find what you’re truly passionate about. As college students, I think this is a really good message because it will help you understand why your first choice of major is not always your last. I think that no matter who you are she has something relevant for you! If you have never heard about her, I highly suggest checking her out, or watching her film.  She has also wrote a ton of books that you could definitely look  into reading!

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Cover letter 101

As juniors and seniors, now is the time that we all start looking for jobs! We’re applying to so many hoping to find one right out of college. The only problem is sometimes we don’t know how to fill out all the parts the employer needs, like the cover letter. This board will help you navigate through writing a cover letter by first giving you examples of the three different types of cover letters , then giving you formatting rules to follow, additionally giving you 6 things you should absolutely have and 2 things you should totally avoid, and finally telling you what information should go in each of the 3-4 paragraphs! I hope you find this information useful.

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Digital footprint

How often do you think about your digital footprint?

It is important to remember that so many people can see your social media pages. In college this especially comes into play when we are searching for jobs. Futer employers can easily see what you have posted online. With this in mind I challenge all of you to look over your social media pages and think about what they say about you.

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Cadaver Lab

On Sunday we went for a tour of the cadaver lab on campus. It was very important that people knew what they were getting into before going as it can be hard to take. While many people do not understand the reasoning behind having a lab such as this, I think it is important to point out that may jobs people will receive from the CJ, FI, Bio, and Chem degrees will have to do with seeing a cadaver at least once. We were walked through some of the parts of the body and shown how to tell the differences between male and female. If this is something you would like to do please let me know and I will put you into contact with the professor in charge.

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For the United We Stand series this semester Monti Washington came to Platteville and gave a talk on overcoming past hardships, talking in a way that inspires people to not over look all the opportunities given, if only so they will know that by taking advantage of those opportunities and by adding a little hard work much can be accomplished.

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Career Fair

on Sunday and Monday night a group of RA’s got together and had stations for resume review, interview tips, resume printing, ironing, and more. This was a great way to get everything inorder for the career fair happening last week. Thank you to those who did participate, we ate glad we could help. For those who didn’t, don’t forget you have lots of resources here on campus and even just in your building.

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Pizza with a Professor

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank all of you who stopped by the pizza with a professor program tonight. It was very interesting to hear about his many career changes over his lifetime. He has had a very exciting career with many changes, he was a member of the United States Navy, he has worked as a middle school science teacher, he has also had a stint as a stand up comedian and this was all before he came to Platteville to be a Police Officer and now a professor. He also talked about his hobby of bee-keeping and how it is very important to have a hobby so your life isn’t all about work and you have something to distract you from problems at work. IMG_2836

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Career Fair Booklets

 Hey friends, I just wanted to let you all know that I have slipped some career fair booklets under your doors. They just have some information about the different companies that will have booths at the upcoming career fair. I encourage all of you to check it out as it will really help you to prepare for the career fair.